Lucie was born in the former Czechoslovakia, in a town called Teplice. Her mother was a registered nurse and her father was a fighter pilot. Her love for music started at a very young age and has continued throughout the years.

"I remember sitting on a swing my grandfather put in for me. I would sing at the top of my lungs on that swing. Our neighbors would come over and bring me pies and cookies for my singing. I was so embarrassed I wouldn't make a sound for the rest of the day."

At the age of five, she came to the States as an immigrant with her mother and father. They went through an immigrant sponsor.

"We had a choice of where we wanted to go. The only options we were familiar with were New York and California."

They chose San Francisco, California because they were familiar with the promise of a prosperous future.

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Her family was put in a single room flat with one queen size mattress on the floor.

"I remember the first night we were there. We turned out the light and went to bed. A few minutes later, we heard a strange scurrying noise. We looked around to find the floor moving slightly and moonlight from the window gave it slight shimmer."

Her father got up to turn on the light. As soon as he did something quickly disappeared into the walls. The place was swimming with giant cockroaches.

"Sometimes we would keep the light on over night just so they would stay away. We were terrified of what the future held for us."

Her father got the first job he could get and saved enough money to buy a car. Then they started exploring California and after a long while, found Fallbrook.

"Fallbrook was visually a lot like Europe and it made us feel more at home."

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Lucie started first grade at Fallbrook Elementary School. The first three years were very hard for Lucie and her parents. Neither of them spoke a word of English and everyday for the first year they all wished to go back home.

"I recall sitting in class and our teacher had pictures of animals on the wall. We were to name each one. I knew what they were, just not in English. When I answered all the kids would laugh at me."

"I still participated in music because it didn't matter what language you spoke to do that."

Her parents worked very hard to improve their living conditions and soon were on their way to a small property and their own house.

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Acting really became a big part of Lucie's life in Junior High School. A very good friend of Lucie's convinced her to take a drama class.

"Little did I know that I would have to get up on a stage and perform infront of an entire room of people. But the teacher was very patient and understanding and soon grew to be one of my favorites."

The following year she was asked by her teacher, Ms. Miller, to audition for the next step up: Performing Arts class.

"I auditioned at least five times. I was absolutely horrible."

But Ms. Miller felt otherwise and put her in the class. This is where she got her first big role and gained the confidence she needed to pursue a dream.

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